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ROA Barista oat m*lk

Good for coffee

Good for planet

Good for you

Meet ROA's Barista oat m*lk. A balanced oat m*lk that adds richness and balance to your favourite coffee and supplies a beautiful and dense foam. Enjoy the familiar mouthfeel of a traditional cappuccino but without traditional dairy. Fortified with minerals and vitamins, rich in unsaturated fats, low in calories, and with 80% less greenhouse gasses and 60% less energy while using one twentieth of the water compared to dairy, you can enjoy a carefree cappuccino. 

ROA was developed to complement the taste of good coffee. This Barista oat m*lk is a great companion for your speciality coffee; no matter the bean, no matter the brew. However, we also love the taste by itself, or in a smoothie, your afternoon tea, a milkshake, or even an espresso martini. We invite you to try it and would love to hear your thoughts.  

Suitable for vegans. Soy-free and dairy-free (does not contain animal juice!) and fortified with minerals and vitamins. 


Water, European oats (9.5%), rapeseed oil, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, vitamins (D2, riboflavin, B12).

Contains gluten. Dairy-free and Soy-free.

No added sugar. Only natural oat sweetness.

Made from whole oat kernels with only the best raw materials

This carton can be kept in the cupboard for up to a year. After opening, please refrigerate (2 - 8°C) and consume within seven days.

Nutritional value



 of which saturates


 of which sugars




Vitamin D2


Vitamin B12


Per serving

648 kJ/155 kcal

7.5 g

0.8 g

18.8 g

10 g

2.0 g

2.0 g

0.25 g

2.8 mg (55%*)

0.53 µg (38%*)

0.95 µg (38%*)

300 mg (38%*)

Per 100 ml

259 kJ/62 kcal

3.0 g

0.3 g

7.5 g

4.0 g

0.8 g

0.8 g

0.10 g

1.1 mg (22%*)

0.21 µg (15%*)

0.38 µg (15%*)

120 mg (15%*)

(* of the daily reference intake)

(serving size: 250 ml)


Start the day right with some ROA in your morning brew, overnight oats, smoothie, cup of tea, or just by itself.

Rich, creamy, dreamy, ROA.

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