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Where can I buy ROA?

We are often asked where you can buy ROA, and though we love nothing more than talking to all of you - do send us a message or DM - we thought we would outline some of the cities, channels, and coffeeshops through which you can get your hands on your favourite oat m*lk!

Crisp x ROA

We are stoked to announce that you can now order ROA for home anywhere in The Netherlands through Crisp! Voted best online supermarket in The Netherlands, and the place for amazing fresh produce and great service, we are super proud of our partnership.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow.

ROA Oat Milk at Stadsmarkt de Pijp
ROA Oat Milk at Landmarkt
ROA Oat Milk at Seven Lab Brussels
ROA Oat milk at Unfiltered Rotterdam
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